Basic+ Word of the Day: delight

delight (noun, verb) past tense: delighted LISTEN

Delight is joy or something pleasurable.

  • It's a delight to watch small children taking their first steps.
  • The art exhibit is a delight for the eyes.

Delight also means ‘to give pleasure.’

  • The circus delights children of all ages.

Delight can also mean ‘to take great pleasure.’

  • The old man delights in telling stories about when he was a boy.
  • What delights me most is seeing that you are happy.

Did you know?

Turkish delight is a candy made of a sweet, gel, often fruit flavored. It usually contains chopped nuts or dried fruit. This candy is a delight to many people.

Related words

delightful: very pleasing. Example: “It was a delightful evening. I hope to see you again.”

In pop culture

Listen to George Harrison sing “Unknown Delight.”

And here’s his old pal, Paul McCartney singing “Monkberry Moon Delight.” (Is it just me, or does this song title sound like a flavor of ice cream?)

There are other meanings of delight.
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