Basic+ Word of the Day: fizzy

fizzy (adjective) LISTEN

Do you prefer fizzy water or still water?

Fizzy means ‘bubbly.’

  • Fizzy water tickles my mouth.
  • Marion drinks fizzy wine when she wants to celebrate.
  • I left my beer out overnight and it's not fizzy anymore.

Common uses

Although you’ll hear the term fizzy water in the UK, Americans are more likely to call it sparkling water or carbonated water. If you are talking about other carbonated soft drinks, depending on the region, Americans refer to them as soda or pop.

Did you know?

Would you like a fun project for the kids or an inexpensive gift? Here is a video showing you how to make fizzy bath bombs. Click here to convert cups to metric measures.

In pop culture

Listen to the British band Madness sing “Sunday Morning.” Listen for the lyric “Glass of fizzy water helps to start the day.”

There are other meanings of fizzy.
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