Basic+ Word of the Day: bald

bald (adjective) LISTEN

Bald means ‘having little or no hair.’

  • The baby was bald until she was three months old.
  • The bald man stroked his shiny head.

Bald also means ‘blunt, abrupt or without ornament.’

  • The teenager told his parents a bald lie.

Don't confuse it with

bold: courageous. Example: “The bold soldiers charged the enemy.”

Did you know?

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation raises money to fight kids’ cancer. Each year on St. Baldrick’s day, (a made-up holiday) people go bald (shave their heads) to raise money. Watch this video to learn more.

In pop culture

Watch this episode of Family Guy where Peter goes bald. Does he think it’s cool to be bald?

There are other meanings of bald.
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