Basic+ Word of the Day: crash

crash (verb, noun) past tense: crashed LISTEN

A car crash.

If something crashes into another thing, it means that it hits that thing, usually when it’s going fast.

  • The car crashed into the wall.

A crash happens when two cars hit each other, or a plane hits the ground.

  • There was a plane crash on the news last night.

A crash can also be a loud noise that something makes when it breaks.

  • The glasses fell off the table with a crash.

If a computer or website crashes, it means that it stops working.

  • I had to get a new computer after my old one crashed.

In pop culture

Castaway is a movie about a man who has to live alone on an island after a plane crash. In this video from the movie, the man finds some coconuts, but he doesn’t know how to open them!

There are other meanings of crash.

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