Basic+ Word of the Day: honest

honest (adjective) LISTEN

If you are honest, it means that you tell the truth.

  • He can't lie about it, he's too honest.

Honest can also mean that you can trust someone because they won’t do something bad to you.

  • She's very honest; your money will be safe with her.

Common uses

When we want to tell someone the truth and it isn’t very nice, we often start by saying, “To be honest…” For example, “To be honest, I don’t think her hair looks good like that.”

In pop culture

Honest movie trailers on YouTube are funny descriptions of movies that are much more realistic than the official versions. Here’s the one for the classic holiday movie Home Alone. Can you hear the speaker say, “In one of the most violent kids’ movies ever made” and “Everyone in this family hates me”?

There are other meanings of honest.

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