Basic+ Word of the Day: near

near (adverb, adjective) LISTEN

That was a near miss!

If something or someone is near you, it means that it’s close to you in space.

  • He always sits near you in class.
  • I like to sit near the door in case the speaker is boring.

If something is near, it can also mean that it’s close in time.

  • I will go to San Francisco in the near future.

If something or someone is near, it can be closely related.

  • My uncle is my near relative.

Common uses

When two objects come very close but do not hit each other, it is called a near miss. Example: “The bullet passed two inches above her head. It was a near miss.”

Related words

Nearly is another way of saying that you were close to doing something but finally didn’t. For example, “I nearly forgot my meeting today; luckily my friend reminded me about it!”

In pop culture

Listen to this Nat King Cole classic, “Near You.” Why do you think this song has this title?

There are other meanings of near.
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