Basic+ Word of the Day: edge

edge (noun, verb) past tense: edged LISTEN

An edge is a line at which the surface ends.

  • The hiker walked over to the edge of the cliff.
  • The car drove very close to the edge of the road.

An edge is also the the sharp side of a cutting instrument.

  • His father sharpened the edge of the knife.

Edge also means ‘to move gradually and cautiously.’

  • The boy edged slowly out of the room so he would not wake his grandfather.

Common uses

on edge: tense or nervous. Example: “The artist was on edge until his client approved of her portrait.”

have an edge: to have an advantage. Example: “Tall basketball players have an edge over shorter opponents.”

In pop culture

Living on the edge means ‘having a risky lifestyle.’ Enjoy this Aerosmith video of their song “Livin’ on the Edge.”

There are other meanings of edge.

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