Basic+ Word of the Day: tool

tool (noun) LISTEN

A tool is an instrument, usually held in the hand, for performing a mechanical operation.

  • A hammer is a tool for driving nails into wood.
  • A saw is a tool that a carpenter uses to cut wood.
  • A plumber uses tools to repair pipes.

A tool is also anything used to accomplish a task.

  • Phonics is a tool for learning how to read.
  • Education is a tool for success.

Common uses

tools of the trade: tools needed for a certain job or profession. Example: “An artist’s tools of the trade are paint, brushes and a lively imagination.”

Did you know?

It’s an insult to call someone a tool. A tool is so stupid that they don’t know that someone is using them. Example: “You’re a tool if you think that guy loves you for your mind.”

Related words

toolbox: a container that holds tools.

In pop culture

Listen to the rock band Tool sing their song “Sober.”

There are other meanings of tool.

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