Basic+ Word of the Day: soft

soft (adjective) LISTEN

Soft bunny

Soft means ‘pleasant to touch’ and also ‘comfortable.’

  • The little girl liked to touch the soft kitten.
  • Paul sat on the soft chair and fell asleep.

Soft is also low or quiet in sound.

  • The band played soft music during dinner.
  • It was hard to understand the speaker's soft voice.

Soft can also be delicate or gentle.

  • The soft breeze felt good after our walk.
  • Soft fabrics should be washed by hand.

Common uses

soft sell: a sales technique that uses subtle persuasion. Example: “Most car buyers prefer a salesman who uses a soft sell approach.”

Did you know?

When you are soft on someone, that means that you are foolishly in love with them. Example: “Julie is soft on her tennis instructor.” But if you are soft on something that means that you are too permissive with it. Example: “The mayor’s critics say that he is soft on crime.”

In pop culture

Sing along to The Fugees 1970s hit, “Killing Me Softly.”

There are other meanings of soft.
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