Basic+ Word of the Day: layer

layer (noun) LISTEN

A layer is a thickness of a material laid or spread on a surface.

  • There is a layer of dust on the table.
  • The outer layer of Felicia's skin was dry.
  • Rick counted five layers in his rock specimen.

A layer is also a person or thing that lays something.

  • The carpet layer placed the pad on the floor before laying the carpet.
  • The hen was a good layer; she laid eggs every day.

Layers can also be several items of clothing worn on top of each other.

  • When dressing in the winter, you should wear several layers -- undershirt, shirt, sweater and jacket.

Don't confuse it with

lawyer: a professional who represents clients in a court of law. Example: The lawyer asked the witness questions about the crime.

Did you know?

Would like to learn about the layers of the Earth. Then, listen to this rap:

In pop culture

Have you ever wanted to eat a 100 layer cake ball? Through the magic of YouTube, you can see how it’s made. Warning: Watching this video may make your teeth hurt.

There are other meanings of layer.
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