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February 2024

Intermediate+ Word of the Day: sock

You probably already know that socks are the pair of short, or long, stockings we wear on our feet. However, did you know that sock is also a verb? It is a colloquial term and means ‘to hit or strike very hard’ and, related to this meaning, the noun sock is ‘a hard strike or blow.’ In US show business slang, a sock is a great and…

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Intermediate+ Word of the day: foot

You know already that a foot is at the end of each of our legs and that we stand and move on them. Anything resembling a foot, in shape or function, is also a foot, as is the lowest part or bottom of anything, like a hill, staircase, or page, or the part of anything considered to be opposite to the top or the head. A foot is also a unit of length equal to 30.48 centimeters. As an adjective, foot means ‘operated with…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: jet

A jet is a stream of liquid or gas that shoots out from an opening with great force and also the spout or nozzle that lets out the liquid or gas. In aeronautics, jet is short for jet plane, or jet engine, a plane or engine moved or producing movement via jet propulsion. As a verb, to jet means ‘to move or travel in or as though in a jet plane.’ As an adjective, jet refers to…

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Intermediate+ Word of the Day: marble

You’ve probably seen many marble statues, haven’t you? Marble is limestone that has been changed into a hard rock and is used in sculpture and in construction. Figuratively, something that resembles this rock, because it seems similarly hard, cold, or smooth can be called marble, as can something that has streaked coloring like some types of the material. In these literal and figurative senses, marble is uncountable. As a count noun, a marble is a little ball of glass that kids used to play with a lot and, in the plural, it is the name of the…

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