Basic+ Word of the Day: gather

gather (verb) past tense: gathered LISTEN

"You've gathered lavender from the field. How lovely!"

Gather means ‘to bring or come together in one place.’

  • The campers gathered wood to build a fire.
  • A crowd gathered to see the car accident.

Gather also means ‘to pick from a place of growth.’

  • "Would you gather some herbs from the garden?"

Common uses

gather round: to come together around a central point. Example: “Gather round the campfire and we’ll tell ghost stories.”

Related words

gathering: a group or meeting of people in one place. Example: “A small gathering came to the beach to see the eclipse.”

In pop culture

A hymn is a song that is usually sung at a religious service. Listen to Willie Nelson sing the hymn, “Shall We Gather at the River.”

There are other meanings of gather.

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