2024 Basic+ Word of the Day Short Story Contest Winners!

Thank you to everyone who sent us their stories for our contest! We loved reading about autumn and spring equinoxes around the world! Check out the winning story below!

And the winner is...

Irene (Ferrara, Italy)

And the runners-up (the people who almost were the winner) are...

Luis (Sucre, Bolivia), Caterina (Chiaramonti, Italy), Alessandra (Marnate, Italy), David (Galway, Ireland)


If you are on this list, please look for an email from us about your prize soon!

Here’s the winning story by Irene!

It was the 21st of March, the sky was CLEAR but the night was DARK, the streets were empty and everything was where it was meant to be, or at least it seemed. Looking around, something didn’t really seem at the right place… there was a DEER in the LIGHT of the full moon. It was quietly eating grass when, suddenly, a STORM started and the animal fainted. The moment after, everything was deep dark again and the rain had already stopped falling. The deer woke up feeling DIZZY but she was almost fine when she got on her feet.

Wait what? Did she get on her feet? She was a her? The deer apparently had turned into a young lady. She was shocked and confused and astounded and naked in the middle of nowhere. She got up, turned over a few times and felt FULL of BLISS in the moment she realized she could really grab things with her hands. As soon as she figured out she was alive, she started crying, reminded that she used to be a human being, right before an evil SPELL. Many years before she was just a girl born in a rich family, she was beautiful and popular and everything in her life was perfect, but she was so mean that nobody could be her friend, nobody could talk to her without being hurt. One day, one of the girls she used to bully put a curse upon her. She turned her into a deer in order to let her know how terrible it was to be hunted and need to HIDE. The end of the curse was supposed to be during a spring equinox of a full moon, the day nature is born again, that day she would have been her new self.

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