Basic+ Word of the Day: beat

beat (verb) past tense: beat LISTEN

He beat the other runners.

Beat means ‘to mix recipe ingredients vigorously.’

  • The chef beat the egg whites until they were foamy.

Beat also means ‘to hit hard repeatedly.’

  • The robber beat the old woman and stole her purse.
  • The drummer beat his drum.

Beat can also mean ‘to move back and forth quickly.’

  • The bird beats its wings and flies.
  • Leo felt his heart beating in his chest.

Don't confuse it with

beet: a red root vegetable. Example: “The cafe serves cold beet soup in the summer.”

Common uses

beat up: to hit repeatedly. Example: “The bully often beats up smaller kids after school.”

beat out: to defeat. Example: The pianist beat out acrobats, singers and magicians for first place in the talent show.”

beat off: to push back. Example: “The rebels beat off the government army in the mountain town.”

In pop culture

Beat around the bush means ‘to avoid talking about something important.’ Watch the official video of AC/DC’s song “Beat Around the Bush:”

There are other meanings of beat.
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